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Mickey Laszlo

KBPK, Fullerton College, Mickey Laszlo, Broadcasting School

"I feel very fortunate that I chose to complete this radio program", said Mickey.  "The instructors, along with hands-on training taught me to be very confident and knowledgeable in the positions I've acquired." Mickey started as an intern at KFI Los Angeles, but quickly moved into a paying position as a call screener.  Her first on-air job was on the Highway Stations 98/99 Barstow, CA making the drive to and from Las Vegas smoother with "Mojave traffic updates". She moved from playing songs on the weekends to being a weekend traffic reporter for AirWatch America.  Coincidentally, she began doing weekend traffic for KFI.

After moving up to full time producer position with AirWatch, Mickey became the morning co-host on KIKF Garden Grove, CA (KIK FM).  Her photogenic qualities allowed Mickey the chance to move into another medium.  She became the on-camera traffic reporter for the morning edition of Eyewitness News on KABC TV Los Angeles (ABC 7).  "From interning, to entry level, to succeeding on a higher level, I still carry the education and techniques learned from KBPK." Mickey said.

Mickey is diligently working to keep her broadcasting career moving up both behind the mike and in front of the camera.  If you are interested in a career in broadcasting, this is her advice,  "Without a doubt, I recommend Fullerton College to learn the ins and outs of the broadcast industry.  With education and hard work, you will make it."



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