Tammy Cruise left KBPK to finish her education at Chico State University.  While in Northern California, she was hired at KNVR-FM, Chico, California. There wasn't enough snow in Chico, so Tammy moved to the east coast for a job at WVKZ Albany, New York.  Her next stop was WMME ("The Moose") Augusta, Maine.

Tammy decided sunshine and white sand beaches were next on the list, ending up at ZFZZ-FM in the Cayman Islands, British West Indies. 

Though initially hired as a solo performer, Tammy hooked up with Angie Good to form the morning show team of Cruise n' Good.  Their controversial morning team caused a stir on the islands, making headlines in the local papers.

Cruise n' Good then headed back to the USA to do afternoon drive at 95.1 KDJK Modesto, California.  Then Tammy and Angie motored down I-5 to anchor afternoon drive in Fresno, California at 95.7 KJFX (The Fox). After Fresno the two went separate ways, with Tammy landing at KWIN Stockton, California.  Two years later,  Tammy teamed up with Angie again to do the morning show at KOSO Modesto, California (B93.1).

KBPK 90.1 - KBPK, Fullerton College, Radio Broadcast School

Tammy (2nd from left) and Angie backstage with Guster

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