Tamara Lynn

I had started off majoring in English with an emphasis in Journalism. After 2 semesters of taking classes in Journalism, I realized that I had to pursue what I had always dreamed of which was Radio Broadcasting. I decided to start taking the course classes to get my certificate in Radio Broadcasting with an emphasis in Television and Radio Audio Production. KPBK has taught me a lot of what I needed to learn about the radio industry. The professors were all amazing instructors. Peg Donahoe, Gil Perez, Ed Ford, and Tracy Thackrah all taught me something to take into the field of radio.

From Intro to Television, Radio, and Film to my internship at KBPK, I gained knowledge of everything my professors knew from working in the industry at some point in their lives. I gained knowledge of how to write copy, how to read and understand the concepts of writing for news, how to edit my own production whether it was from a film a made, television production or audio for a radio commercial. It taught me how to operate an audio board, how to work with editing software, and taught me how sales in radio works.

Building my resume during my internship, I sent out demos, resumes, and cover letters to various radio stations throughout the country such as Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Oregon, and Washington. Those were only a few states. I then got a text message from my mentor who told me to send in my resume to KBRT 740AM based out of Costa Mesa, CA. I sent my resume into the station and got a call for an in person interview for a Board Operation position for a talk show called The Bottom Line with Roger Marsh. After the interview, I got a call back saying I got the job and I started immediately. Currently working at KBRT, I have gained a new family and a love for news and politics.

I™m happy to have been where I have and getting my certificates in Radio Broadcasting at Fullerton College has been a blessing. Getting to work with such amazing people in the industry has taught me a great deal of knowledge and I continue to learn from these people everyday.


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