Do not try to adjust your radio or TV set, Stew's voice is now taking control. You could try going to a movie, but he's there too. Stew left KBPK to start his radio career at KNAC Long Beach, CA. There he was the production director at the hard rock station. Stew also had the distinction (or the lunacy) of broadcasting live, his own bungee jump, from the Vincent Thomas bridge in Long Beach.  The next huge jump Stew made didn't have him springing back to where he started. He became the production director of KLOS Los Angeles. In addition to his award winning production, Stew also is a weekend air personality on the station.

For the past two years, Stew has been branching out into voice-over work on commercials and movie trailers. He's been the voice on trailers for Runaway Bride, American Beauty, Galaxy Quest, The Whole Nine Yards and many others. On TV he's the commercial voice for CBS, Fox Sports Net, UPN, ABC and Cleopatra 2525/Jack of All Trades. Stew is also the show announcer on VH1's Rock & Roll Jeopardy. He's even a pretty fair rock guitarist, and has made a guest appearance in a music video.

KBPK 90.1 - KBPK, Fullerton College, Radio Broadcast School

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