Rob Frazier left the cozy confines of KBPK in search of fame and fortune in radio. He's still searching. But what a "long, strange trip it's been!" Rob's first gig was in Atascadero at KIQO where he worked with KBPK alumni Mark Becera and Robert Champagne. Rob got his foot in the radio door as a salesperson, but wound up getting to do just about everything at KIQO.

On one occasion he sold a live remote to a client, wrote and produced the commercial, hyped the appearance on his Saturday morning all-request show, and then went out and did the remote!

Soon, Rob was off to greener pastures as he loaded all of his worldly possessions into his VW bus and took off for Fresno, California. For the next eight years, Rob worked for a number of Fresno stations in both on-air and sales positions.

After he became Production Director at KBOS (B-95), Rob began accumulating awards for his production, both locally and nationally. This trend continued at cross-town KKDJ (The Edge) where Rob helmed a successful Alternative morning show while also being responsible for the stations quirky Image production.

Next stop was the Sunshine State and WTKS, Orlando, one of the nation's pioneering FM talk stations. Rob was hired as Production Director. After a little less than a year in Florida the Frazier Family yearned to return to California, so it was back to Fresno and back on the air doing mornings at KFRR until being unceremoniously replaced by Howard Stern.

Through connections with former co-workers in Orlando, Rob landed a job with Comedy World (until it folded), then talk station KLSX FM Los Angeles. There, Rob has produced award-winning commercials. His commercial for the Queen Mary's haunted attraction "Shipwreck" earned him an award from Radio And Production magazine and was a finalist in the 2002 Radio Mercury Awards.

As for his days at KBPK, Rob says, "Those days at KBPK were magical. The big UPI machines chugging away in the newsroom, the old rotary pot board. Back then the studio was elevated so that you looked down over the whole operation. You really felt something special was happening, and it was. Jim Bain, Ed Ford, John Hart, Diana Kelly and everyone else involved really created a true to life radio environment there at Fullerton College. You really learned the business of radio at KBPK. I owe them all a lot, but not any money."

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