"Mike was a guy who really wanted to be in radio", said former instructor Jim Bain.  Mike had to leave KBPK soon after starting the Fall '99 semester because he received an offer for a job at The Highway Stations 98/99 Barstow,  CA.  "It was tough to lose Mike from our air staff", said KBPK instructor Edward Ford, "but, our goal is to train people to work in radio broadcasting, Mike got a job offer.  That's what it's all about".  After entertaining weekend travelers to and from Las Vegas for seven months, Mike went to  KLLY Bakersfield, CA (Kelly 95.3).

Mike has some "fond memories" of KBPK.  "I really do look back at KBPK as a 'radio boot camp'. Due to my training at KBPK, I have not run into a situation or task that I can think of that I wasn't prepared for. I really cant think of anything that could be done in a different way at KBPK that would prepare a student "for the real world" any better than what is being taught there now. Ed Ford, Jim Bain, and Ed Berger were all exceptional instructors. All were able to teach the system and give advice from there own personal experience in the business."  Mike was promoted to the full-time allnighter at KLLY in February 2001.

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