Southern California's Album Alternative. With all the hoopla of that format dying, Julio took the Triple-A format to KLSX for their music weekends. Later, KLSX was sold to Infinity. "The bummer was that KLSX was gonna flip all music and I was going to get afternoon drive but within Infinity's LA cluster they didn't want any format to be closely related." So the station would be stay FM Talk. Julio was reassigned to producing the Howard Stern show and Image Production Director at KRLA.

When the Internet radio explosion started in 2000, he left KLSX/KRLA to go to musicplex.com to be VP of Programming. In 2001 he started weekends at KOST 103.5 FM Los Angeles.

In 2004, Julio re-launched his syndication company Western Front Radio Networks, which he originally started when he was part of the KBPK air staff in the 80s. His company provides programming and imaging for Smooth Jazz, Alternative, Triple-A, and sports stations across the USA and Canada.

In addition Julio is currently producing The Third Shift with Chris Plank and doing production at Fox Sports Radio since 2005.

KBPK 90.1 - KBPK, Fullerton College, Radio Broadcast School

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