Jason started his radio career before he came to KBPK.  Jason was a production assistant at Power 106 Los Angeles from 1992 to 1993.  During his stint at KBPK, Jason joined KMNY AM, Pomona, CA (Money Radio) for production and reporting duties in 1994.  1995 saw him land at the Highway Stations 98/99, KHWY Barstow, CA as an air talent.  During his stay he was named employee of the month.  Jason's work schedule got very busy when he went to work as weekend air talent for KLLY FM Bakersfield, CA (Kelly 95.3) and as a full time air talent and production person for KAVS FM Lancaster, CA (Hot 97.7).  When KAVS went satellite in 1997, Jason became the Music Director and Afternoon Drive jock at KLLY after it switched to Modern AC.

Jason was named Program Director at KLLY in 1998.  During his tenure as PD, KLLY became one of the top rated stations in Bakersfield.  Jason was active in his spare time too, he was a weekend air personality on Alternative formatted KCXX FM San Bernardino, CA (X103.9).  From weekends in the Inland Empire Jason moved to "the show" for weekends at KSYR FM Los Angeles (Star 98.7), and the Modern AC format starting in 1998.  In a move that brought him closer to home, and a shorter drive to Star 98.7, Jason became the Assistant Program Director, Music Director and Afternoon Drive Personality on KATY FM Riverside (103.1).  He can also be heard once again on the weekends at X103.9.

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