Dot's career path started with part-time on-air work at KGER AM Long Beach, CA in 1989. She next got a full-time position at KGER, as a copywriter and morning announcer in 1993 through January, 1997. During part of that time, Dot was a member of the KBPK on-air staff.  "I've been attending radio classes at Fullerton

College since 1990, with the goals of updating my skills and staying current and competitive in the business. This is a great program for accomplishing those objectives!" she said.

Dot has also worked as a part-time weekend announcer at K-Light AM and at Money Radio, KMNY AM Pomona, CA. Currently, she is the board-op at KFI during the Dr. Laura and Clark Howard shows, and she  engineers the weekend live show, "Jeff Levy on Computers." Her responsibilities include producing promos for Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh and Jeff Levy and editing music and producing voice drops for Jeff Levy's show. Dot said that she had some help getting her current job. "Both the KMNY and KFI gigs resulted directly from Fullerton College's radio broadcasting program.  Jim Bain referred me to KMNY, and they hired me on the spot, as they had done with quite a few KBPK people. KFI, when I arrived, had me take a production test. Thank goodness for Ed Berger's production class; I'd taken it about a year prior to taking the test at KFI, and it was invaluable!"

The rigors of class work paid off. "When Ed would assign us those weekly, involved projects, sometimes it seemed like, 'He's expecting us to do all that by next week?' Well, Ed explained that being able to come up with a creative, well-crafted spot in a short time was important—and he wasn't kidding! This was a very thorough class [130 Audio Production] that left me with the skills and confidence to do what KFI requires, especially the music editing! Thanks, Ed!"

Dot has referred quite a few people to KBPK and Fullerton College. "This is an outstanding program!" Dot concluded.

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