Tad was part of the KBPK air staff starting in 1995 until he made his big jump to LA radio. Tad began working at "world famous" KROQ Los Angeles. There he did celebrity interviews for Kevin & Bean, the morning team at K-Rock. Later, Tad did a number of famous (or perhaps infamous) stunts for the morning show. He has also made numerous appearances at local clubs and concerts.  Big Tad is involved in the music KROQ plays. "I sit in music meetings and throw in my 2 cents", he said.  Tad is exploring additional opportunities in the entertainment business, but hasn't forgotten his early radio beginnings. "The one thing I could say about Fullerton College is KBPK was the best thing that happened to me. The staff and the other students I met were really cool and helpful." Stay tuned for more big stuff from Big Tad.

Update 2011: Big Tad got back into the radio game and worked for Adam Carolla in 2006 . He was there for only a year, but was happy to be back doing what he loved. After Carolla, took a break from radio and did some jobs here and there, Big Tad realized he needed to be back in radio. He came back to Fullerton College and took some classes at the radio program. "I had to brush up on the latest technology out in the radio field," says Big Tad. He did a shift on 90.1 FM KBPK again and was happy to find out there was an opening at the I.E.'s Alternative Rock Station X103.9. Big Tad was part of the Happy Hour show during the drive home, but was given his own time slot doing overnights. He also does a lot of the production that needs to be done for the station too. "I am happy to be at X103.9 and entertaining the I.E. the best I know how to. I want to say thank you to Ed Ford and Tracy Thackrah over at KBPK."

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