Ben Root

Just because you were born & raised in So Cal, doesn’t mean you have to stay there. That’s the philosophy Ben Root came in with when he decided to give this broadcasting thing a whirl. It’s what’s helped him survive living in five different states and working in six different cities during his time on-air.

He didn’t always know he wanted to talk for a living, though.  Honestly, Ben was and often still is one of the quieter people at the party.  However, after earning a 2-year Civil Engineering degree in ‘99 at another OC school, he found little desire to continue in the field.  Ben then sampled a smorgasbord of junior college classes at multiple campuses before finding the right fit behind a mic at 90.1FM KBPK.  It was like he’d found his warm porridge!

Through a combination of fun conversations, spirited debates, and occasional hard work, Root earned his broadcasting degree with a sports emphasis in 2006.  After working at KBPK for a bit, Ben got his call to the big leagues... or at least overnights.  He took his first full-time on-air gig as a DJ in Washington in ‘06.  After positions as a News Director calling high school sports in Wyoming, a Sports Director with a morning show in Nebraska, and another stint as a DJ in Washington, Ben found his way to Milbank, South Dakota, in 2010.  There, he was back into the Sports Director role with another morning show.  He slid over to Aberdeen, SD, in 2011 and is now the Sports Director and the Voice of the NCAA Division-II Northern State University Wolves at Hub City Radio.  Ben also reads the morning news & sports and does a midday shift on the six-station cluster’s country channel... along with production, social media & website work, remotes, etc.

Ben credits the time he spent at Fullerton College and KBPK with starting him on this excellent adventure, and he’s glad it’s not a bogus journey.  “Honestly, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help, guidance, and occasional ridicule of the people I worked with and for at KBPK and  Calling all of those games in a variety of sports at different levels, combined with training in news, production, and DJ work... that’s as valuable as it gets.  Just like Ed Ford always emphasized, you’ve got to diversify your skill set to make yourself as valuable as you can so you’re the person the boss can’t afford to be without.”