Alisa Green

Fullerton College has an excellent program for students of all ages to learn about the radio industry. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Communication at another university, I did not feel comfortable applying for jobs without hands-on experience. Even the semester-long internship at KZLA could not fully prepare me for the workplace. So, I decided to earn a Radio Broadcasting Certificate.

At KBPK, I was able to gain practical knowledge from the instructors while practicing the necessary skills in the student studios every day. This radio program taught me how to be a qualified board operator, on-air talent (in both music and news formats), production director, copy writer, and sales account executive. The best part is that I had so much fun doing it.

With this impressive new resume, my instructor helped me find a weekend board operator position at Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters in Los Angeles. This quickly turned into a full-time position. During my seven years working there, I was the primary board operator for KKGO and various formats on 1260AM. I ran many remote broadcasts and talk shows with on-air talents such as Shawn Parr, Paul Freeman, Mike Sakellarides, Michael Jackson, and John Ziegler. I was even promoted to a management position (Board Operator Coordinator) and began scheduling music for KKJZ.

Currently, I am working in the continuity and traffic department at Salem Communications. The Salem L.A. stations are KKLA, KFSH, KRLA and KTIE.



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