Alina attended Fullerton College to study television "but on the first day of school some how ended up in the radio classes".  During her stint on KBPK, she managed to have time to do some TV, working on MTV's Real World and Road Rules.  Also during that time, Alina started working for KFI Los Angeles.  She started out as a board operator, then quickly moved into screener, music director and producer roles.  Alina worked on the shows of Phil Hendrie, Tim & Neil, Debra Rich, Ted Rall, Turi Ryder, Karel and Andrew.  "I am thankful for my time at KFI, I learned so much from the hosts such as Phil Hendrie, Tim & Neil, and Turi Ryder.  Debra Rich gave me the creative freedom for her show with production, ideas for the show, and music."

She went into hibernation from radio for nine months, and worked as Promotions Director at Mountain High Entertainment.  There she had a chance to mingle at concerts with performers such as Alice Cooper, Ray Charles, and Sinbad.  "Judy Tenuta inspired me to do stand up comedy, something I always wanted to do."  Alina has performed at small clubs and the famous Improv.

Starting in March of 2001, she's back in radio at KMXN Ontario, AM 1510, where Alina is the board-op for afternoon drive and Angel baseball games, and the Public Service Director.  She also did freelance work for the launch of Internet radio station, assisting with setting up music scheduling.  "I love radio, I live and breath it.  I always wonder what would have been if I never took the radio classes at Fullerton College.  I think my life would be really boring."

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